Monday, April 28, 2008

Where's Your Hair Rachel???

I don't know... it's gone!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who Needs Sleep?

After being the princess at Relay for Life, Rachel was in such a great mood that we couldn't get her to sleep! She was playing around on the bed like a wild woman until midnight!

Relay for Life

Friday night was Comal county's Relay for Life. We had a team that we creatively named "Team Rachel" . We raised over $7000 for the Cancer society and we raised that through donations from friends & family through the internet. We can't say enough thank yous to those of you who donated to our team. Your support means more than you could know. This was our first year to have a team and we were one of the top fund raising teams because of your support. The event got rained out so we were out of there by 10pm. We were bummed that we couldn't finish but not too bummed that we got to go home and sleep in our beds.
Quick tear down before the rain!
Cade had fun rolling around on the mattresses all night!

Charlin, Anna's mother-in-law, is a cancer survivor and she walked with Rach and I in the survivor's lap. It's the first lap of the event and was a very emotional one for me as everyone cheered Rachel on. it's touching to see the support that all the survivors and current patients got from the community. As you can see, Cade and Callie came with us on the lap for support.
Our youngest team member!

Rachel's buddy Craig came and walked with her.

Beautiful day at the Park

We've been having great weather so the kids have been spending a lot of time outside. The kids love the train and we ride on it every time we go to the park.

Playing with Uncle Trav & Auntie Robbie

Travis has been staying with us because he's been doing some training at Randolph AFB. Robyn came to visit him and they decided to pick up Cade and Rachel and play with them for the day. They had fun but I think the kids wore them out!

Hanging at the Zoo

Anna and I took the kids to the zoo because we've been having such good weather. It was a humid day but we had a good time. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Rachel loves animals so she was very excited to see so many of them!
Cade kept stealing Rachel's food off her stroller. She thought it was pretty funny so she started breaking up food for him to eat. He kept maneuvering her stroller so that he could reach the food. We were pretty entertained by it!

Callie was happy the whole time. :)

The zoo has a new exhibit where you can get close to the hippos relaxing in the water. Usually you can see their front sides but, as you can see, they only showed us their rears!

Cade had fun walking around and climbing on things.

Rachel loved the giant fish!