Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Little Diva

Rachel loves to smile at the camera and show off her new hats and headbands.

Daddy Time :)

We really enjoyed the time that we got to spend with Michael, especially Rachel! She went to daddy daycare for a couple of days last week and they must of had a great time because she was wearing her pjs when I got home from work! We only got about 12 days but it was great to just have that! He will be home for good on Nov. 21st unless his plans change, which is always a possibility!!

Get Well visitors

Mom, Tyler, and his girlfriend, Sarah, came to visit Rachel and help her recover. This was Tyler's first time to visit Panama City so we did some touristy stuff. The pics on the boat were taken on a dolphin cruise.

More Birthday pics

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rachel's First Birthday

Check-up at the Pediatrician

We went for a check-up to make sure that everything is looking good. So far, no infection and she's healing well. Thought you might be curious about the incision so we included a picture.

Daddy's home :)

Due to Rachel's surgery, the Air Force sent home Michael for 2 weeks so that he could come and be with Rachel and I for a little while. It has been great having him home and Rachel has taken to him like he never even left!

Rachel Update

I'm sure that most of you have heard that Rachel had surgery last Thursday. She was sick for a little over a week and she just wasn't getting better. She was vomitting uncontrollably for days and she just wouldn't get any better. I took her to the ER last Monday and they sent her home with a bladder infection. Needless to say, we will not be using that hospital for anymore of Rachel's needs! By Thursday, she was even more sick and her pediatrician finally saw her. She was very worried and had 2 other doctors look at her. They all decided that something was attacking her neuro system and they assumed it had to be an infection of some sort. Michael's mom had come to help me out so the 3 of us were sent to the children's hospital in Pensacola which is about 2 hrs. away. They did a cat scan on her and immediately discovered that she had fluid on her brain. Within an hour of the scan she was in surgery! She had a shunt placed in her head that drains the fluid into her abdominal cavity. The shunt is completely internal and when her stitches heal and her hair grows back there will be no evidence of the shunt's existence. As long as it doesn't malfunction, she should lead a pretty normal life and we caught it before any real damage occured. She will have to have the surgery again and again as she continues to grow and she will probably have a shunt until she is an adult. This was caused by a small defect at the back of her brain that blocks the fluid from draining completely. It hasn't effected her until now because she's now at the age where her skull is fusing. She was only in the hospital for 2 days and as you can see below, she is recovering nicely!

Travis & Robyn came to visit and help out.
GJ was a big help throughout the surgery and the recovery!