Monday, December 15, 2008

Trip to Sea World

On Saturday, we went to Sea World for a few hours. We took Marissa and she experienced riding a roller coaster for the first time. We think she enjoyed it because Michael convinced her to go on 3 rides. She got him back when she made him go on the water ride and he got soaked. Rachel and I checked out the animal exhibits while the 2 of them went on rides. We saw 2 shows and Rachel liked them a lot.

After they passed us on the boat, Rachel started running along side the river to try and catch daddy. She was pretty mad when she didn't catch up.

Christmas dinner with friends

We had a dinner and present exchange with some friends of ours. We went over to Amber and Robbie's house and they have a 3 year old son Ashton that Rachel plays with occasionally. The kids are pretty much content to play on their own but it's pretty entertaining to watch. Jenny and Joey were also there and we all had a good time.

Rachel actually tried to eat some of the ham.
Jenny, Amber, and me. We have been friends since we were little.

Jenny reading to Ashton.

Cade & Callie's Jumping Jym party

Cade and Callie had a joint birthday party on the 7th. It was at a jumping gym full of jumping castles. Rachel was scared the whole time and didn't last very long at the party despite Michael's and papa's efforts to get her to have fun. She doesn't like trying new things.

Marissa and I made and decorated this cake for Callie. Each of them had their own cake.

Callie's first birthday

December first was Callie's first birthday. Anna and mom brought the kids over and then we went to Chuck E Cheese. The kids had fun but it cut into naptime so Rachel had a few breakdowns! Cade and Callie were their usual happy wild selves!

Rachel kept telling Chuck E her name was Wachel and she also kept introducing Wewe (Sweetie)
She didn't like that Callie got the presents not her! She threw this one at Callie after I wouldn't let her open it.