Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rachel has hair! :)

Temodar & Etoposide, the chemo drugs Rach is taking, do not cause hair loss with the amount of doses she's receiving. Rachel's hair has been growing for the past 2 months and she has a full head of it! It's coming in very light so it's been hard to catch on camera. She has not stayed in the hospital since getting the feeding tube. She has also has gained over 3lbs. and has a lot more energy!! We have an MRI scheduled on the 10th to see if anything has changed. We're really hoping that these drugs work because she's been doing so well on them so please pray for that.

Memorial Day Fish Fry

First Swim with Daddy

Last summer Michael was in Iraq so he didn't get to swim with Rachel. He finally got to take her swimming for the first time last weekend at his parents' house. Both of them had a blast but it was hot!!

Eating "pop-pop" with Cousin Cade

There are very few things that Rachel will eat since starting chemo. One of them is popcorn and she calls it "pop pop". Cade came over one night to play and she shared some with him but they made a mess on the couch and Michael had to vacuum it up while the kids were still on the couch- Cade loved it!

Celebrating Michael's Birthday with his family

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Helping dad blow out his birthday candles

Mother's Day

Uncle Travis went home :(

Travis stayed with us for about 6 weeks but had to return home last week. Rachel got really attached to him and didn't like sharing him with Callie in the picture. As usual, she would not smile for a group picture!

Playing outside in her car

Rachel likes to ride around in her pink car. She likes it best when we push her down the hill. She had her best buddy, Sweetie the elephant, with her in the car. Sweetie goes everywhere with Rachel and he brings her lots of comfort. In the first picture Sweetie fell and we had to quickly return him to her!

"Let me get this straight, I have to ride down the hill and hope dad catches me?"

Aunt Nancy came to visit

Grandma's sister Nancy came over for dinner when she was in town for business. Rachel enjoyed seeing her and she even got a new book from her cousin Aspen. Thank you Aspen, Rachel loves her book!