Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emily's Swim Lessons

Emily loves the water so one of the first things we did in Colorado was sign her up for swim class. She did really well at learning how to kick and move her arms. She didn't always want to listen to her instructor so it was a good thing I took the class with her! We're looking forward to next year when she can sign up for the big class without mommy!

Exploring Colorado Springs

We are now residents of Colorado! We moved to Colorado Springs on July 7th. We had to live in temporary lodging on the base for the first month while we were waiting to close on our new house. We have been taking good advantage of living in such a cool place! There's so much to see and do with the kids. Emily loves going up in the mountains and having fun. The first month felt like a long vacation!

Riding the cog up Pike's Peak

It was cold at the top so we had to bundle the girls up! Allison fit snuggly on my chest and we wrapped up in Michael's coat. It was practical but it makes for some interesting pics.

Cripple Creek

We drove up Gold Camp road  for a scenic drive and spent an afternoon in Cripple Creek.

Hanging in TLF

While living in temporary lodging the kids got to spend lots of much needed time with Michael.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

making a donation for wildlife

Enjoying the sky ride

Visiting with Mimi before the move

Before we moved, we got to visit with Michael's grandmother, Mimi. She's 94 and very full of life! The kids love her. I thought these were some great generations pics!

Emily's first plane ride

Emily and I flew to Iowa for the wedding. It was Emily's first time to fly. I couldn't have been more happy with how things turned out! She slept on a few of the flights but when she was awake she just played and watched movies. I was very relieved it went well.

Cassie & Mark's Wedding

My cousin Cassie got married back in June. We had to travel to Iowa for the wedding so Allison had a special weekend with Michael's parents. We were very honored that they asked Emily to be one of the flower girls. The other flower girl was Callie so the two of them had a blast! It was a beautiful wedding and I really enjoyed catching up with my Krug cousins.

The Rehearsal
Tyler just loves these girls. Emily loves to give him a hard time!

These two can convince anyone to give them anything!

Emily got a Vera Bradley bag and she carries it everywhere!

Grandpa Dutch even had a great time!

Wedding Prep
We got the girls hair done. I totally felt like one of those moms on Toddlers & Tiaras and I can't say I want to do that again! It was so hard to keep their hair fixed until the wedding!! The girls loved it and thought they looked like princesses. :)

I was telling Callie to get up so she covered her ears! Ugh!

Cameron tried to keep them under control- good luck!

The Reception
These 2 love a good party. What worries me is that they love to be in the middle of a good party. Not looking forward to the teenage years!

The happy couple!