Monday, January 12, 2009

I Love Sweetie And Bear

As if it wasn't hard enough keeping track of Sweetie, Rachel also insists she bring Bear along too everywhere we go. Another accessory of hers is the comb (not pictured.) Aunt Anna had fun with Rach today and some fun with the photo editor.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest News

I know that it's been a while since I posted last. I did put up all of the Christmas pics and a trip we took to the zoo. Rach had a few bad days over the last couple of weeks. Probably due to a mixed up schedule and a case of the stomach flu- like she doesn't throw up enough! She's also getting her 2-yr molars. We were concerned so we did another MRI and CT scan to check her shunt. Everything is still going fine. The cancer has not changed and we just started round 9 of this chemo regimen. We only have one left after this and then we will be changing treatment around March. Rach seems to be back to normal. I guess I just panic when she is going through normal 2 year old stuff!

Nice day at the zoo

Grandma take me to the zoo!

Guess who wouldn't pose for the group pic?

Rach kept tickling the turtle shell and she thought it was pretty funny
We fed the fish and she kept calling out for Nemo.

Callie really knows how to push Rachel's buttons!

Looking at Xmas lights in the RV

Making a mean face at Cade

Jost Christmas

Santa Came

Rach sat in her bean bag and watched Michael open a lot of the presents. Again, she only wanted to play with the 1st present!

Rach got way too much from Santa. Her favorite present was the kitchen. She loves to play with it and leave food all over the place!!

RV ride to Xmas Mass

We decided to take the RV to church so we could all fit in one car. The kids really enjoyed it and I'm sure we looked hilarious piling out of it!

We had to dress Rach when we got there just in case she got sick!
Ready to go!
Maybe I should color on these books with no pics??