Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rachel's Birthday Bash :)

We went a little overboard with Rachel's 2nd birthday party. She's had a rough year and we had to cancel her first birthday party because she got Hydrocephalus and we couldn't fly home from Florida. Basically, we are thrilled that she's two! We had an Elmo theme because he's her favorite. We had all the traditional stuff plus a jumping castle in the backyard. The castle provided entertainment to all ages at the party! Rachel had a great time despite not wanting to open presents or blow out her candles! Thanks to everyone who came. Especially all of our out of town guests!

Craig had to step in and help open and play with the presents because Rachel was not into opening them!

Everybody jump now!

"Rachel, I stole this phone. Who should we call?"

Rachel's 2nd Birthday

Grandpa's girls!
Rachel loves to swing in the backyard

Rachel could care less about opening presents so this is her watching Cade, Callie, and me do it. Callie went crazy over the presents- If you look at her facial expressions it will crack you up because she was very into figuring out what it was!

Cade danced around the house to Rachel's musical card. Everyone made fun of him because the song was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

Rach turned 2 on October 9th. We had a family dinner the night of and a party the following Saturday. She liked seeing everyone but opening presents and blowing out candles was not something she was into.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yeah It's fall!

Of course everyone posed for the pic but Rach. We were just thankful she wasn't screaming.
Cade and Rach were ready for a 2nd hay ride when they stopped!
This isn't so bad!
Rachel was not sure about the hay ride at first. She was crying for me to take her off.
What a group pic! Everyone looks so happy with the sun in their eyes!

Callie slept through most of the trip to the pumpkin patch.
Someone needs to give me Sweetie!