Friday, August 7, 2009

Emily is doing more now

At Clinic

These are some pics I took of the girls at clinic. I take them in the stroller because Em has a bed to roll around in and it's Rachel's safe spot where she doesn't get owies!

This is Rachel's nurse Courtney and Rachel loves her. Unfortunately she's leaving the clinic to go work for a school. Rachel is really going to miss her. When we pull into the hospital parking lot she always tells me, "Courtney owie" and shows me her finger. Courtney is the one that does her finger pokes to check blood counts and anything else she needs done. Despite all that she loves Courtney so she's going to miss her. She asks me about Courtney at least once a day. I've been explaining to Rach that she's leaving so now she walks around telling me "Courtney bye bye". She doesn't look happy in the picture because usually when Courtney holds her she has a needle too.

Eating her sucker after vitals check

Em is a good sport about all of the appointments her sister has- this week she had 7!! She either hangs in the stroller at doctor's visits or rolls around on a blanket with me in the waiting room at therapy.

Blankie Princess

Since it's been so hot outside we've had to keep the house pretty cool. Rach likes to walk around with blankets wrapped around her so she looks like a "pincess".

Daddy's Little Helper

Our double stroller broke so we immediately used our warranty to get a new one. I use it almost daily so we can't live without it! Rachel helped Michael put together the new one. She mostly liked to crawl in and out of the box it came in.

Another Busy Weekend

The weekend before last we kept Anna's kids the whole weekend. We had our hands full but the kids really enjoy each other and Rach loves having kids to play with. We went to the Bass Pro Shop on Saturday after we ate at chick-fil-a. Sunday we went to the park and it was over 100 degrees so we were very hot!!! We had a spray bottle and we kept spraying down the kids so they'd stay cool. This summer has been extremely hot so it's hard to do anything outside. We are ready for the fall!!

The kids always love the train so Michael's sister kept Emily and his dad went with us to help.

We bought duck food and the girls tried real hard to figure out how to open the bag- they figured it out when we got in the car! They were on duck patrol when the train was going.

When we were waiting for the train it was hard work keeping the kids out of the river.

These are the pics from Bass pro shop

Callie was mesmerized by the deer everywhere

Callie had to wear Em's bows because Anna forgot to leave hair rubberbands. Her hair was crazy on Saturday!