Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emily is 2 months old

Emily got inked :)

Michael and I decided to get Emily's hand prints and footprints for her baby book. We thought it would be a good idea to clean her up when we were done with all of it and in the meantime she got ink all over herself. She looked like she had been working in a coal mine!

Rachel got a Swing Set

Rach is obsessed with swinging. When we're at mom and dad's and also at her physical therapist she begs to ride on the swing the whole time. She calls it wing. We decided we needed to get her a swing at home so we got her a swing set. She spends as much time as she can on her new pink "wing"! Hopefully she'll start enjoying the rest of it too!

Easter at the Krug's

The Dosses entertained Emily while Rach was hunting for her eggs

Easter at the Jost House

Look who didn't want to take the family pic!

Rach wouldn't hold Emily so this is as close as they got!

Emily posing with her basket

The Easter bunny and GJ & Papa had stuff for the girls on the fireplace when we got up in the morning.

Rachel actually enjoyed hunting eggs this Easter!

Hanging out with GJ & Papa

We stayed the night with Michael's parents the Saturday before Easter and we decided to take a trip to Wimberley and eat at the Salt Lick. The girls both had a great time at the sleepover!

This doll stroller that Rach is playing with belonged to Mimi, Penny's mom, when she was little and now Rach plays with it when she's over there. Mimi estimates that it's over 100 years because she's 92 and she got it as a hand me down. Rach loves it!

She also loves to carry around this giant Tigger.

Rachel and Papa checking out the grounds at the Salt Lick

Rach had to pick out her Easter candy at the candy shop in Wimberley