Monday, July 14, 2008

Rachel is finally starting to walk!!! :)

This past weekend Rachel stayed with Michael's parents. We went to Dallas for a wedding. She decided that it's time for her to start trying to walk and she is now taking steps all over the place. We are thrilled that we might not have to carry her everywhere now!! We have been waiting almost 2 years to see her do this so we jump up and down every time she does- she loves the attention!

Trip to Iowa

The week before the 4th of July I went with my parents, Anna & her kids, and Rachel to Iowa. Both of my parents are from a small town there so most of our extended family lives in that area. It was a fun trip. We stayed with my cousin Sandy and her husband Pat and they were awesome hosts to the kids, Anna and me! She has a 2 year old son, Aiden, who got along great with the kids. The trip was restful and we got to spend lots of time with family. The weather was awesome and we took the kids on walks in the middle of the afternoons. They haven't been outside during that time of day for months because it's so ridiculously hot here!

The week was not totally uneventful. Rachel got the first fever that she's had since being diagnosed with cancer. She caught the bug that everyone else had. If she gets a fever over 100.4 we have to go to the ER automatically. She had a 102. They ran all kinds of tests on her and were in contact with her oncologist here. She had to get some IV antibiotics and then we got to go home because everything else looked fine. She handled her first fever very well and she never really got sick!

The car ride there was very long! It took us 20 hrs. to get there and the kids were pretty miserable by the end of it. This is a pic. of Rach getting a little tired of the car! On the way home we broke the trip up into 2 days and it worked a lot better with the kids.

Fourth of July

The town had lots going on over the 4th. We had a busy day!

Watching the Parade.

Guess who loves cotton candy!

Hanging out at the tractor pull.
Spending some time at the pool with Cousin Cassie & Cameron, and Anna & Cade.

Watching the fireworks.

Dinner at Uncle Tony's Farm

Uncle Tony & Aunt Annette made dinner for everyone one night and we had fun hanging out at their farm.

Rachel posing with Great grandpa Ron.It got in the 60s that night so we had to bundle up!
Mom with some of her siblings: Mom, Dave, Jen, Tony, & Ang.
Riding on the 4-wheeler with Unlce Bruce. She absolutely loved it!

Aiden and Ang joined in on the 2nd ride.
Riding on the razor with Grandpa & Aiden.

Visiting Great Great Grandma B

My Great Grandma B lives in West Bend so we got to visit with her one evening. Grandma B with her Great Great grandkids. Jess & Keaton, Anna, Cade, & Callie, Me & Rach, and Sandy and Aiden.

Hanging with Grandpa Dutch

We took Dad's Dad, Grandpa Dutch, to dinner one night and he was pretty entertained by Rachel and Cade. He gave Rach some spaghetti and he was a little surprised when she smeared it all over the table. It's been a while since he had a little one! The kids had a good time hanging out with him. Rachel called him "Dut".

Playing with cousins

Riding on the moped with Austin.
Hanging out with Abby in bed.

Chasing the bubbles that Aiden is shooting off with his bubble gun.

Trying not to pose with Aiden, Callie, Cade, & Keaton.
Aiden, Natalie, & Abby trying to entertain Rach in her bed.

On the Farm

This is the farm that my mother grew up on in Iowa. My uncle Dave and his family live there now but my grandmother still has a garden out there so the kids went to help her "work" in it. Mostly we just watched her work. We got to enjoy many fresh fruits & veggies from the garden while we were visiting and we sure miss them!

Playing at the park with GJ & Grandpa

One afternoon The Josts took Rachel to the park with their friend Nicki and her grandson Craig. Craig is Rachel's favorite kid to play with! They all rode the train together.