Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Emily's going to be a big sister! :)

Michael and I decided that we didn't want to wait very long to have another child. It has definitely been hard going back to one. Since he's leaving next week for an entire year, we couldn't wait long to try. I am happy to announce that I am 10 weeks pregnant and so far everything looks good. I can't believe that we are having our 3rd child! I really wish that we could have seen all 3 of them together. :( We are really excited about this one and just really hope and pray that we can have a healthy one. The baby is due Dec. 27th so Christmas will be a little busy this year! I think the distraction is going to be much needed during the holiday season. Michael will still be in the UAE, no he can't come home for the birth. :( Anna and mom are going to have to coach me through it all so I know I won't be alone. If anything, I'll have more family present at this one's birth than at the other two! Everyone just please pray that everything continues to go well with the baby.

Rachel's Tree in the Park

Rachel loved to ride the train and play in Landa Park. In honor of her, my mother's bunco group, "the bunco babes", dedicated a tree in the park to her. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift- we absolutely love it! :) the train goes right by it and it's touching to see it when we ride on the train. Cathy Petrie showed the tree to us and she even decorated the fence around the tree so that everyone would know whom the tree belonged to. It means so much to see the signs posted around the tree with Rachel's smiling face. She really loved the park and I am so grateful that something could be done in her name there.