Monday, May 16, 2011


Easter was full of fun and lots of festivities. We started our weekend with Michael's family and then mine. Emily had a blast hunting for eggs- she did it 3 times! She was one egg finding machine. Allison got lots of stuff and enjoyed her first Easter. Of course, Emily had to help Allie open all her new presents and play with them.

Waiting to get hunting!

Afternoon swim in GJ & Papa's pool with aunt Becky

The Easter bunny came!

Emily opened all of her gifts and hunted for eggs with daddy via skype!

The kids posing with their Easter baskets from Grandma & Grandpa

The hunt is on! Emily was very focused and she found the most eggs :)
Lindsay had fun keeping up with Cade
Allison was sleeping so she missed the family pic :( And of course Michael & Travis are missing

Crazy Day at Six Flags

My friend Amber and I took our kids to six flags on good Friday. It was crazy busy! Her son Ashton and Emily get along really well so we thought it would be fun. We also took Allison with us because I was feeling crazy that day. It took us all day to get the kids situated and ready to enjoy the park and then Emily got sunscreen in her eyes so she was pretty miserable most of the day. We're going to have to take them back before we move because the day was very exhausting and I'm not sure Em had all that much fun!

 This is Emily's way of letting me know that she won't hold my hand. It's real fun when she does it in public!

Easter Prep

We dyed easter eggs with Callie & Bryson. The kids had a blast and it wasn't too messy! Emily liked to stick her whole hand in the dye so her hand was colorful for the rest of the day.