Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day??!!!

Today we woke up to a really fun surprise- snow!! There hasn't been snow on the ground in south Texas since I was a little kid. I know to my family in the north it doesn't seem exciting at all but this is the first time our kids have gotten to play in the snow. It was all pretty much melted by noon but the kids enojyed it while it lasted!

Warming up by the fire

Allison's First Month

It's hard to believe that Allison is already 6 weeks old. Where does the time go? I have really been enjoying both the girls together. As evident by the pics, Emily loves to be near her sister. Every time I try to catch some pics of Allison, Emily starts posing too. She is very afraid of being left out! She loves her sister but she's not loving sharing her mama.

I am counting down the days until Michael gets to come home for 2 weeks- I'm exhausted! He will be home on Feb. 15th and I am ready for some help. Things were going well at first but then Allie got RSV, luckily it could be controlled at home, but it's totally screwed up our nights. She still has a little cough that wakes her up at night and keeps her stuck in the house as much as possible. Remembering back to the last time we had a toddler and a newborn, Michael was able to help a lot with Rachel so that I could give Em what she needed. It's more challenging to balance everything by myself this time around even though Em is far easier to care for than Rachel was. There's a reason that newborns have 2 parents! I have been able to get help from our parents and I can't say thanks enough!

Sleepless nights and all, I am very thankful for Allison. She has brought a lot of joy back in the house and it feels a little more normal having 2 again. It still feels like one is missing and I know it always will, but it warms my heart to hear Emily telling everyone that Allie is her sister and her baby. She is so excited to have another kid in the house and we are looking forward to watching their relationship grow with them.