Saturday, July 24, 2010

Play date

Bryson got to come over and play on Monday. He had a seizure last Friday so Robyn has been very protective over where he goes. The seizure was caused by a really high fever but it scared all of us!! Robyn figured Anna and I had enough experience with sick kiddos that we could handle anything that happened so she let us babysit! He had fun with Emily and we really enjoyed playing with him.

This is how Emily gives kisses!

He really was having a good time. He was just mad because he didn't have his pacifier in this pic!

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th at Travis & Robyn's house in Derby, KS. Emily was quite the little fire cracker! She loved the fireworks more than I thought possible. Travis bought a pack of sparklers and she burnt all but 1 of them! She couldn't get enough of the sparklers and the fireworks. There are no restrictions on fireworks in their town so there are fireworks everywhere! It was amazing but a little scary when the fireworks didn't go where they were suppose to! Emily cheered them on and kept asking for more. I couldn't help but wonder how fun it would've been to see both of my girls enjoying the 4th. Rachel loved fireworks but she never got to see them as close up as Emily did that night. I imagine they would've fought over the sparklers but I don't think Rach would've gotten as close to them as Emily did! Emily is not afraid of anything which is very scary for mommy!!

Travis' little assistant. She got mad when she didn't get to help light them!


She was very cautious with the sparklers. She held them close to the ground and watched them burn.

Bryson didn't like the fireworks as much but they had fun together earlier in the day. Robyn bought them both these cute shirts! Thanks Robyn.

Trip to Kansas

Emily and Bryson are the closest in age compared to the other cousins. They're only 7 months apart. It was really exciting to see how much they liked each other. They were inseparable the whole trip. They even tried to get into trouble together every time we turned away! Emily calls him "Biton" and it's soo cute. :)

Little mama had to feed Bryson every chance she got! She'll be a good big sister.

Their favorite room was the computer room because of all the cords to get tangled up with. What are cousins for if not for getting into trouble with?

At the grocery store we got this cart with a car in front of it. The kids had a blast! Bryson took his driving responsibility very seriously!

Uncle Travis you forgot us!

Robyn and I went for pedicures and this is what we came home to. Travis was watching Grey's Anatomy (real appropriate for the kids!) and giving the kids a snack at the same time.

The weather was pretty rainy the entire time we were there. The first night was the only one that we got to enjoy being outside. Emily loves to play outside and it was a lot cooler than it is here so she could be out longer!

Bryson is all boy and he loved being outside with the bugs!

Emily had to call Callie and tell her she made it to Kansas! She loves to play pretend on the phone.

Em noticed that some of the rocks were out of the bed so she went to work putting them back. Travis even taught her how to pull weeds- she loved it!

"Oh no, I missed a rock!!"

After Travis left, Robyn and I packed up the kiddos and headed back to Texas. The 9 hr. drive was a lot for them! They took turns crying and Emily kept stealing his pacifier. She did like helping to feed him so that was helpful. It would have been a lot easier 20 years ago when we could've just let them roam around in the back of the car and play!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crazy June!!!

I've been negligent of the blog lately and all I can say is it's been crazy! We went to Panama City over Memorial weekend, Michael left on June 9th, I went to Rome with my mother for a week, and now I'm in Kansas visiting my brother and sister in law. I have posted a lot of pics tonight and have a lot more to post.

Michael is now in the United Arab Emirates for a year. :( He seems to be adjusting well to his work schedule and new place. We get to talk almost everyday on skype and that makes it a lot easier. He got to play peek a boo with Emily and she likes to blow him kisses and say hi. It's really cute watching her interact with him. We celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 26th. It was hard to be apart for it. We'll have to make up for it next year!

Cousin Time

Cousin Bryson came to town so the kids got to show him a good time. We went swimming at Michael's parents house and took this pic of the kids. We were lucky that they would sit long enough for it!

Riding on the mower with grandpa has become the kids (& grandpa's) favorite pasttime! It's so entertaining to watch how excited they get to go up and down the driveway.

Crawfish Boil

On May 31st my parents celebrated 30 years together. We had a little crawfish boil for them with family and a few of their friends.

Matt Huckabee made the fixins for everyone. He did a great job and we can't say thanks enough.

My aunt Jen and her family were able to be with us from Iowa.

Trip to Panama City

Before Michael left he wanted to take a family vacation. We decided to go to Panama City where we lived before Rachel got sick. We got to see some old friends and enjoy all of our favorite things in Panama. We took my sister, Anna, and her kids so that Emily didn't have to play alone on the beach. It's still too hard for me to take a family vacation with just Emily. It was not easy having all of the kids but it was worth it. They had a blast and we did too!
St. Andrews Park
Just another day at the beach! I love this pic of the kids. :)

Nap Time at the motel
Naptime was a disaster while we were there. This is what the girls would do in Em's bed instead.

Dolphin Cruise
We took a boat out into the bay to look for dolphins. It was an educational experience for the kids but also a fun one!

The girls waited for the dolphins to show up.

Pier Park

We took the kids to Pier Park and did some shopping. They also got to have some fun and ride rides.

Candy shop owner's worst nightmare! These 2 had to get a "feel" of the store.

The kids liked riding the rides. Emily was a little scared but she didn't cry. I think she didn't want to disappoint her cousins.

Mexico Beach

We started the trip at Mexico Beach because it's not as busy and it's gorgeous. The kids absolutely loved it! It was a lot of work for us but we still enjoyed being there.

Cade liked to crawl backward into the water like a turtle. He wore himself out!

Michael loves to play rough with Cade!

Emily loved the sand more than the water.

Loving on Aunt Anna