Saturday, September 26, 2009

Football Weekend in College Station

We went to an A&M game a few weeks ago and we stayed at Michael's grandmother's house. These pictures were taken at a park near her house.

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Craig's Birthday Party

Last weekend we went to Rachel's buddy Craig's Birthday Party. The girls had a great time. :)

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rach is almost 3

We've been waiting for Rach to turn 3 ever since she got sick at 14 months and we are so thrilled that she's made it this far! Her schedule has been extra busy lately because we are preparing her for radiation in Oct & Nov. She has surgery on the 21st to get another port put in. (It's a catheter under the skin that she can have IVs accessed in) & another MRI on the 29th. We took her to the ER yesterday because she had been sick and was showing signs something was wrong with her shunt. Everything was fine but everytime she shows any symptoms (headache, vomitting, sleepiness, etc.) we have to get her checked out. Unfortunately they are the same symptoms for other things but the only way to know if everything's ok is to get a CT scan. She has been done with chemo since the end of July. She likes to say "no meemo" because I always tell her no more chemo. It makes us a little nervous for her to be on nothing right now but her body has to have a break before radiation. We're just hoping and praying the cancer's not growing in the meantime. We head off for Houston on Oct. 4th and we'll be there until the end of November for radiation.

Despite being sick, she really continues to thrive. She's talking in more and more sentences and we are always laughing at her new phrases. Our fav is "Oh Man" whenever she doesn't like an answer to something. She's also starting to lie when she gets in trouble. I asked her who broke her crayons and she said, "Daddy broke them". She's starting to help out more with Emily but her attention span is not long when it comes to Emily. Emily loves to watch and laugh at rachel though! Her favorite toy is play-doh and she has it out all the time! She also loves to carry around "wiptick" (lipstick) and put it on all the time. She's really becoming a girly girl.

Emily at 6 months

Emily turned 6 months on Aug. 23rd. People always think that she's older than that because she's a big girl. She's 97th percentile for height and 93rd for her weight. She's going to be a tall girl!! We have started to call her wild child because she's all over the place. She crawls some on her hands and knees but mostly she pulls herself around like a frog- she's all muscle!! She doesn't like to be held much anymore because she wants to be down exploring what's on the floor. She watches Rach carefully and I don't think we'll have long before she's running beside her. I don't think Emily will be as content just watching TV or coloring as her sister is- she likes to be on the move!

Wagon Ride

The weather has finally gotten a little cooler so we have been going on walks around our neighborhood. We put the girls in the wagon and they liked it, despite Rachel's face in the pics! We put Em in the bumbo because we didn't want her to fall out of the wagon!

Vacation at Horseshoe Bay

I haven't posted in a while because I have so many pics and I knew it would take a long time! We went to Horseshoe Bay with my family the 2nd week of August. If you click on the slideshow you can view the images on picasa.